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Band Biography

Graham Vinson - guitar / vocals

Jeromy Simonoff - bass / vocals 

Eddy Dishart - Drums / percussion

Paulie David Laughlin - Vocals


Imagine rock and punk riffs mixed with a little funk, bouncing groove and moving melodies. The Gentlemen sound brings to mind bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Helmet, Soulfly, Faith No More, Pantera, and Hed (PE), sprinkled with a local flavor influenced by the Deftones and WillHaven. As a band, Gentlemen of Tragedy writes and performs with energy and emotion, staples of the 916 sound; a heavy independent underground that incorporates the diversity of the Sacramento local music scene (rock, punk, hip hop, reggae, and funk have a rich culture in the region) while giving way to good hooks and melodies that catch your attention. Fans love their live shows as much for the music as for the bands engaging presence, there's no denying they love connecting with their audiences and giving a good show. 


The Gentlemen have enjoyed a busy and fairly successful 2021. After the release of their debut EP Chaos & Class the band booked a full schedule that saw them make a ton of new fans, new road mates, and open for the likes of Soulfly and Hed P.E. With some fresh inspiration and some new tunes, the Gentlemen head to the studio once again. Stay tuned for the release date and be sure to catch them at a gig near you...!!!


#GoTragedy news and events

The Gentlemen go into the studio late May 2022 to begin work on their new EP with a mix of old and new being laid down for your listening pleasure. Stay Tuned!

Capital Chaos TV caught up with Graham recently, check out their conversation here - 

"Heavier Than Elephant Titties"

"The energy in these vocals is so awesome! What passion! Got to give this one a listen to - "Coming with Destruction" by Gentlemen of Tragedy"
- Eageles Nest Radio

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