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Band Biography

Formed in 2017, Gentlemen of Tragedy is the brainchild of Graham Vinson, hatched over the course of a promising solo song-writer career and needing an outlet for heavier material. After a short search, the foundation for this vision was laid beginning with writing partner and co-founder Jeromy Smirnoff on bass, a Sacramento Area veteran and rhythm addict. While the overall sound and some good songs developed quickly, it took some time to round out the lineup. Finally, with the addition of Paulie Laughlin out front on vocals, solidifying the foundation and bringing his unique style and energy, and Eddy Dishart on the drums, a Bay Area native who rocks drum kits like an earthquake, the Gentlemen sound has solidified into a uniquely heavy style that can span from introspective & moody to bouncy bangers, collages of sound and purpose. They keep the vibe rocking while sneaking sweet savvy hooks into your subconscious. For these Gentlemen it's a movement, and their music will move into your playlists and take residence in your ears, there's no doubt. 

Members of Gentlemen of Tragedy have shared stages all over the Northern California region and beyond opening for acts such as Alien Ant Farm, Hed (PE), Chevelle, Long Beach Dub All-Stars, Oleander, Joanah Matranga, Kotton Mouth Kings, The B Foundation, Dog Party, Blackalicious and each veterans of the Northern California music scene spanning multiple genres and generations. With Chaos & Class, the new EP, out, their hard work is paying off, earning opening slots for touring acts like D.R.I, Soulfly, and (hed) p.e.


Gentlemen's Gear:
Graham - ESP and Fender guitars, Marshall Cabinets, Peavey Amplification, Line6 effects, Ernie Ball Strings and Monster Cables
Jeromy - ESP and Ibanez basses, Ampeg cabinets, MarkBass amplification, Pigtronix & Zoom effects, Ernie Ball Strings, Monster Cables, and Shure mics

Paulie - Shure mics Monster cables and Peavey Amplification

Eddy - Custom drums, All the sticks & Hella hardware

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